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    Источник: FxWire Pro - Economic Indicators / 02 июл 2018 06:44:53   America/New_York

    Macro investors remain concerned about the reversal of the “easy money” that flowed to EM markets during QE. How could worse outflows be for EMs? Well, as per a recent report it is investigated the relationship and quantify the market impact of heavy EM outflows for the extreme bear case. It is found out that the beta of returns to flows is unstable; positive returns tend to accompany fund outflows on a surprisingly frequent basis.

    Among Emerging Asian baskets, stay long an equally-weighted basket of INR, IDR, KRW against an equally-weighted. basket of SGD and JPY, indexed at 100 on November 16, 2017, with a total return target of 110 and stop at 95, currently trading at 97 levels. The Korean won remains an outperformer and continues to trend higher in NEER terms. This appears a little out of line with the softness in global growth momentum, although to be sure this has mostly been concentrated in Europe to date. BoK commentary has also been more balanced in recent months and we seem some distance from the above trend pace of growth/more hawkish central bank rhetoric from mid 2017.

    We remain mildly constructive BRL for year-end but mark-to-market forecasts to 3.60 for year-end and continue to assume a market-friendly candidate winning the election despite the lower odds. Stay long a volatility-weighted basket of BRL, CLP, PEN (weights of 0.25, 0.25, 0.5)7 . against USD, indexed at 100 on November 16, 2017, with a total return target of 108 and stop at 96, currently trading at 96.87.

    While Norweign Krona has been relatively range-bound. Intra-month moves were larger but driven by exogenous rather than Norwayspecific factors such as changes in risk sentiment in response to softer global growth and developments in the Italian politics. Stay short EURNOK, activated in earlier March 2018 at an entry level of 9.67, with a target of 9.20 and a revised stop at 9.67, currently trading at 9.46.

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